This picture is my absolute favorite! It is the focal point on my main wall in our living space and I get complimented constantly on it. My style is vintage chic, and although this picture is modern, it is an amazing contrast that works with everything I have! It’s vivid colors make it stand out against our neutral walls. Every time I walk by it, I fall in love with it more and more.

Such vivid colors make this picture the main attraction in our office. This canvas is filed corner to corner with bright colors and beautiful designs. This picture seems to glow, it brightens the room and our spirits. Truly…beautiful!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! That is what this picture represents! It was given to us as a wedding present, and it is by far, our favorite gift! My eyes are drawn to the love between the family every time I see it. The couple can be mistaken for anyone, but when you see it, you see yourself in the picture! This picture compliments any room we decided to hang it in.

This picture hangs above our bed and it speaks to the hopeless romantic in us all! The vivid red behind the man and women draws your eyes to the picture! as soon as you walk into the room! It is obvious the picture was painted with love.