A Passion Born out of Adversity

Painting allowed me to express myself at a time when I could  not speak well at all

After having a stroke at 48 years old, my slurred speech contributed to my poor communication skills, and it seemed as if I could not be understood at all. The hours of speech and physical therapy left me drained and in pain most days. I began painting to help build the strength on my right side and to avoid taking pain opioids for the pain. Soon, I begin sending paintings to friends and family to let them know I was recovering.

This Is My Passion

I absolutely love bright colors and happy, joyful paintings. I have a background as a makeup artist and a preschool teacher; I think you can see both in my artwork today.

How I Got There

I have amazing family and friends that I love and cherish. All of whom have helped me become the artist that I am today. My husband has always been my biggest fan, and I am sure I would not be here without him.

Overcoming Tragedy and Finding A Life of Joy Through Art

Meet The Artist

Caryn Citron

Caryn lives in Las Vegas with her family. She continues to paint daily, and has recently finished a mural at resorts world.

Art made with heart